my life is centered around creativity and here you shall find a collection of my graphite pencil and charcoal sketches of the cast members of The Lord of the Rings and the characters they played

if you would like to use a piece of work featured
here on your site, please ask for permission first
and it shall be gladly given

original drawings are no longer available since each piece was done by request... a limited number of prints have been made of each piece and can be purchased for $10.00 US funds... they are hand signed and numbered and printed on high quality heavyweight 11 x 8 acid and lignin free sketch paper that will not fade or yellow

drawings signed by the cast are available as prints
the originals remain in my own private collection

if you are interested in acquiring one please
send an email to me at


as a proud member of Project Last Stand and The Dom Project, I have joined the efforts to help protect our forests that are being wiped away at the rate of 214,000 acres a day... that is an area larger than New York City.

to show my support of Dominic Monaghan and his generous gift of trees he has planted in his own forest in India, I am now donating 80% of all profits made
here at The Grey Havens through the sales of my artwork, to Dominic's forest
at Every little bit helps so please... don't just buy a print
here at The Grey Havens for the face on the paper, buy a print knowing that
in return you are helping to rebuild a forest that once was lost.


new drawings added February 12, 2004
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most drawings are 9 x 11 inches
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